Technicals Stability Returns

TSR - Subscription Plans @ TopStockResearch a.k.a. MyTSR

Key Features

Intraday & EOD Packages

Package Quarterly Price One Year Price Two Year Price
Trader Value - 1203 (Discount@ 15%) 1982.0 (Discount @ 30%)
Trader (Popular) - 1997 (Discount@ 6%) 3186.0 (Discount @ 25%)
Trader Pro 998.0 (Discount@ 6.0%) 2974 (Discount@ 30%) 4673.0 (Discount @ 45%)

End of The Day (EOD) Packages

Package One Year Price Two Year Price
EOD Fundamental 396 (Discount@ 30%) -
EOD Technical 672 (Discount@ 5%) -
EOD Combo 1203 (Discount@ 15%) 1841.0 (Discount @ 35%)
Price (in Rs) inclusive of All Tax & Discount

Choose Plan
Suite of Prescreened Report
Custom Screener (Choose from combination of Filters)
Equity Analysis with Color Code based on Indicator Value
Equity/Home View Customiztion
Interactive Charts
One Week to 10 Year High/Lows
Price Volume Analysis
Sector/Index Analysis
Save Charts / Screener / Add to favorites
Screener Stocks on a any Index Stocks
Screener Stocks on any Watchlist/Portfolio
Plan wise Entitlement to Screeners / Watchlist / Alerts...
Data Refreshed EOD (After Close of Trading Day)
All Features of EOD Tech
All Features of EOD Funda
All Features of EOD F&O Screeners
Data Updated Real Time Data Every 5 Mins
Auto Refresh of Screener & Equity Analysis
Streaming Charts
Download As CSV
Mock Portfolio Analysis
Plan wise Entitlement to Screeners / Watchlist / Alerts...
Ideally Suited for Intraday Traders / Investors , Students, Researchers

EOD & Live Plan Entitlements

EOD Plan Entitlements

Discontinued Plan Entitlements

Note : You will continue to avail Plan features till end of your subscription plan

Fundamental Data (After Market Close and Before market Open)
EOD Technical Data - Around 5 -5.30 PM
Futures And Options Data Around 6 PM
Live Data - Every 5 Mins with near Real-Time Data
Screener Auto-Refresh - within 4-7 Seconds
Market Hours Alert within 4-7 Seconds
Financial Result - 1-7 days after Results for 80% of the Stocks
Please Note we have dependency on Exchange on Data Feed, and extrenal Vendor on Fundamental Data

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have made payment but why is payment status is not showing Success?
A. Payment status updation is fully automated and is real time. However, at times there is delay in response from Payment Gateway and it could lead to non-updation of status. Rest assured your money is in safe hands.

Q. What happens if there is long delay in Response from payment Gateway?
A. Response delay happens due to reconciliation process between banks. We proactively monitor payment and check with Payment Gateway on the status and update them accordingly. In case payment status updation takes more than 24 hrs , you will get additional 15 days of subscription.

Q. Status is Success but I still get message 'You have not subscribed to any Premium Service'?
A. Few options to get rid of this message.
1. Close browser and open browser again.
2. Logout and log in again in 15-30 Mins.
3. Try a Different Browser.

Q. Where can I find My subscription details?
A. Its Available in Buy/Upgrade Tab

Q. Can I upgrade in mid of my current subscription?
A. You can upgrade any time during your subscription Tenure. Additional amount to be paid is adjusted with your current balance.

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